Worry and Focus

Advice from Walt Disney

During a conversation I recently had with a friend, he told me about an incredibly impactful quote that read in his daily devotional. It was originally spoken by the famous, Walt Disney, and it reads like this,

“worry is a waste of imagination.”

That resonated with me immediately because I’m always telling people, “don’t borrow trouble; don’t worry about things.”


I make a practice in my own life of worrying only about the things that I can control. I find that people who are struggling to break out of something, those who are trying to get to another level and those who are interested in starting a new business, are often paralyzed by fear. With fear, comes worry, which prevents them from being able to take action and they are unable to move forward.


The truth is that worry is a failure of imagination. It is also a misplacement of what you should focus on. Focus on what’s in front of you that is an opportunity and let the worries take care of themselves.