OAA Presents the First OAA Humanitarian Awards

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On May 1, 2019 at OAA’s IGNITE Success Celebration the first OAA Humanitarian Awards were presented to two members who have selflessly served their community and the people around them. Along with their award the recipients also received a $500-dollar donation to the cause of their choice. The funds came from a kitty which OAA employees donate to every Friday to wear jeans.

The award was inspired by a recent employee of AccessPlus who retired this year, Donna Eaton. Donna was recognized at the event for not only her impeccable service to OAA’s members, but also her astounding kindness and caring nature toward her fellow employees.

Michael Sohn, Owner/Agent of Metro OKC Insurance, was the first recipient of the Humanitarian Award. Peppers Ranch is a mentorship program for foster children and their foster parents. Their goal is to provide the necessary resources and services to foster parents and create long lasting relationships with foster children. Michael also purchases clothing and gifts each Christmas for every child currently enrolled in their program.

Kay Moore, Agent at The Insurance Place was also presented with the OAA Humanitarian Award. She and her employees, along with many other dedicated community members have been able to build a community center that provides meals to individuals in need. For the last few years they have also raised money to buy school supplies for every student for grades kindergarten through sixth grade at Ringling School.

Congratulations again, Michael Sohn and Kay Moore!

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